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Wegstapel & Houben strengthens the continuity of organizations.
All of our clients find themselves in an urgent situation requiring change, in order to increase results.
We realize complex changes and lasting improvements in organizations. We implement this through advice and / or operational executive interim management. If we accept operational responsibility, we will define the aims of our work beforehand in an agreement with the client.


A clear and lasting result can only be obtained when the proposed “way to go” is broadly accepted within the client organization. Our approach is based on a triptych: analyzing – planning  and realization. We analyze the cause of problems, design a plan for solving the issues and take care of realizing the defined goals / targets in close cooperation with people within the organization.This includes all disciplines within the organization.


Wegstapel & Houben was founded by Jan Wegstapel and Twan Houben. Both possess extensive experience in senior management roles and as a consultant.
Experience is gained in various markets, including:

Wegstapel & Houben
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